How did Mailbox app gain so much pre-launch exposure/buzz?

Answer by Robin Vander Heyden:

It can be summarised in a few points:

1. Benefits
2. Urgency
3. Bandwagon effect
4. Influential team
5. Great story + customer validation

Let's see how  MAILBOX managed to do that:

1. First of all, as you can see there is a nice, ~one-minute long video, which showcases the Benefits of Mailbox. Using a video is also a clever move as some studies showed it resulst in a much higher conversion rate.

2. Secondly, Mailbox created Emergency by setting up a reservation line. You don't want to wait any longer before getting the app hence you want to subscribe. But that's not all. The Reservation line is an incredibly clever marketing move as it make use of the Bandwagon effect if you see that there are two restaurants next to each other: one completely filled up with people and the other one with just a few people, which one will you choose?

This also goes for the Apple Store waiting line which make use of this effect:

Mailbox did just the same, by showing that some people already agreed to give their email addresses, they just got more people signing up.

4. Do you know who is behind Mailbox? It's backed by the CrunchFund, which is no one other than the influential Michael Arrington, but also MG Siegler. Yep, an influential team always helps a lot.

5. Look at their story page: MAILBOX you can see comments by influential users, but also some of the blogs on which they have been featured. Oh and yes, those comments are usually really short. It helps too. So, all in all, an apparent customer validation with a great story does the final trick to help you sign up.

Oh and yes, for those who wonder.. I signed up too! 😉

How did Mailbox app gain so much pre-launch exposure/buzz?


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