Chef on the Menu!

I like to read a lot about design! And that lead to this thought of can it be that simple to write a product as to invent a recipe?

A Chef:
The list below doesn’t follow any order rather it’s mushy!
What is that a chef has to have to create a delicious recipe?
1. Willingness to experiment?
2. Knowledge of spices and there flavours?
3. Raw material?
4. Right tools and knowledge of how to use them optimally?
5. Good knowledge of the cooking process?
6. Excellent presentation skills?
7. Good insights of the people and their tastes?
8. Pricing potential?

A Software product:
1. Willingness to experiment: How far the founders want to go in order to create a unique product or service that caters to a genuine problem effectively?
This involves a little bit of hard introspection…whether you think there is a problem or there is a real problem?
Because this can lead to 2 different paths one that can kill the product as of the non-acceptance from the people for whom it was designed

2. Knowledge of spices and there flavours: Once you establish the path for the product then you need to know how to tread it.
For first timer entrepreneurs everything looks rosy till the plan and product is on the paper similar to the recipe that looks heavenly on paper. Once you start getting to the reality things change for good or bad depends on what you asked for. To avoid the reality shock guys need to prepare hard and keep the feet grounded it’s easy to drift.

3. Raw material: You feel like Steve Jobs and think there are enough Wozniaks that will turn the dream in to product which is kick ass. (If you follow Apple you would know what I am talking about)
In reality there is enough resource scarce especially in Sub-Continent that if you are looking for the right talent chances are you won’t find any. Sorry guys the Picasso is already taken!
Beware and plan accordingly as a seasoned Chef would do for the right raw material for the showdown.

4. There are numerous tools and technologies available that might intimidate the first timers…or worst mislead them to unknown destinations for where there is not turning back unless you are looking to compromise on the dish (read: product). It is imperative to be cognizant of the tech landscape and pick and choose the right one is small proportion for ideation before committing to anyone of them.

5. All said and done. The water always looks calm and cozy unless you take a plunge into it. If you ask a seasoned player they will show you the scars of the wounds they had in the journey…it is always better to learn from other’s mistakes beforehand so that you can make fewer of them and afford new ones. And still survive!

6. Ask any good chef and they will tell you how important the presentation of the dish is irrespective of the excellent taste and aroma. Similarly the product will not cut through if it is effective yet lacks the user appeal…presentation matters…period!

7. Presenting great Sushi to Himalayan Monks. Will not make sense isn’t it? You ought to know the audience/customers inside out to whom you want to offer your product/service

8. Don’t sell at wrong price point. you might lose too much to go out of business…or gain so much that you attract furious competition…always know/invest in seeking knowledge to gain insights from the market to gauge what is the right price for the product/service you are willing to offer…


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