The Red Pill of Entrepreneurship!!!

The Great Morpheus offers two pills to Neo. The Blue pill and, the Red. Blue pill will take back Neo to the life which he was living, for believing the entire episode as a dream, doing what he does day in and day out. But the Red pill will offer him the reality that Neo always craved for. The reality that will be brutal, Naked, harsh but real and nothing else.

We all know this awesome seen form one of the best film ever made (personal best) The Matrix then what’s the point? There is one, in context of entrepreneurship this is the pill that gives the kick to the entrepreneur to venture out in the wild world of reality. Where either you make your business successful with sweat and blood or perish in the unknown.

The one who has popped this pill takes a hell of a ride. That will take them into the world where agents (read competition) guards the fortified world of machines (Market) till they can. Destroying, killing doing what they can to protect there very existence.

But Neo (The Entrepreneur) against all odds fight with might and takes these agents head on. And while doing this creates a army (The Team with like minds and free will) that will fight till the very end.

Are we all the Neo’s of this Matrix looking for a Morpheus and willing to create what we feel will change or alter the reality? only time will tell.


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